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Automizely Marketing is the ultimate conversions and email marketing automation tool for Shopify stores. We have worked with over 10,000+ Shopify merchants and by the time you read this article, we’ll have worked with many more. While working with eCommerce merchants, we come across thousands of email lists. You can send emails to unlimited contacts, however, Automizely Marketing restricts some email lists. 

The below-mentioned table will help you determine whether or not your email list is accepted in Automizely. 




I run a Shopify store and ask customers to subscribe to newsletters and promotional emails via Automizely popups or Shopify signup forms. 

It is okay to send marketing emails from Automizely if customers know that they’ll be receiving emails from your company.

I bought a list of 2,000 emails from the internet. Can I import this list and send emails to them?

As a permission-based service, purchased lists violate our terms of use and don't generally result in good email engagement metrics. These addresses could also result in higher bounce and abuse rates, which can damage your brand’s credibility.

Can I import email addresses collected from other apps to Automizely and send emails to them?


We do not support importing contacts from other apps to Automizely, but you can import those email addresses to Shopify. Once done, these contacts will automatically sync with Automizely. This is okay only if customers know that they’ll be receiving emails from your company.  

I collected emails from other popup apps. These contacts sync with Shopify and are marked in Shopify as subscribed. Can I send emails to them?


Yes, you can send emails to these contacts if they know that they’ll be receiving emails from your company.  

I am not running an online store, but I want to send marketing emails or announcements to a list of people. Can I import these contacts to Automizely or import them to Shopify and then send emails from Automizely?

Automizely allows only real merchants to send marketing emails to subscribed contacts. We DO NOT ALLOW non eCommerce merchants to send marketing emails.

I collect customers' birthdays and want to send happy birthday emails to my customers, but they haven’t opted-in to receive marketing emails from me. Is that ok?

You can only send a marketing newsletter if they know that they’ll be receiving emails from your company. We recommend you to use our popups to collect customers' birthdays and email addresses.


Get in touch with our experts if you feel a few scenarios are missing. 

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