Send order follow-up emails to subscribers

Sending a ‘Thank You’ order follow-up email right after a customer places an order acts as a double confirmation of the order for customers and instills their trust in your online store. 

With Automizely, you can send ‘Thank You’ order follow-up emails when the customers place their first or second order. Win-back emails can also be sent to customers that haven’t shopped for a while. These emails are a great way to remind and reconnect with your customers.

Connect a Shopify Store

  1. Add Automizely App > Enter login details.
  2. Install app.

Order follow-up emails

  1. Send a ‘Thank You’ email after customers place their first order.
  2. Send a ‘Thank You’ email after customers place a second order.
  3. Send a ‘Win-Back’ email to encourage customers to shop.

Customize settings

  1. Go to Order follow-up emails > Thank you (first order) template to edit settings.
  2. Enter campaign name under the “Settings” tab > Edit email subject line.
  3. Fill-in sender information. You can send emails from custom email addresses.


4. Define trigger settings.


Customize content

  1. Go to the “Content” tab > Remove the default logo and add a new one from the “Header” block.
  2. Go to the first “Text” block and change the alignment, size, and description if required.
  3. Go to the second “Text” block to change the alignment, size, and description of the email.
  4. Add or change the sequence, name, and link from the ‘Text Links’ block.
  5. Edit Footer text as per requirements using ‘Footer’ block.

You can add extra blocks such as product list, social links, image, etc using ‘Add blocks’.

Customize Style

  1. Go to Styles tab.
  2. Edit font, colors, text, button, header, and footer.

Send test email

Before sending the final email, you can send a test email to preview how the email looks. Save the changes and start sending order follow-up emails. 

Enable the email

  1. Click on the three dots on the order follow-up email page.
  2. Enable the email.

Here’s a sample of the email:


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