Manage Automizely Dropshipping pricing rules

Applying pricing rules automatically when adding products to the import list can save you a lot of time. It also helps you avoid errors that may arise due to manually updating product pricing. Automizely Dropshipping enables you to set your own profit margins in just a few clicks. As of now, Dropshipping displays product cost in USD (United States Dollar) only. 

What pricing rules can you define in Dropshipping?

You can assign a fixed price (using “+”) or a multiplier (using “x”) to the product cost. The specified rule is automatically applied to products in the import list


Let’s consider a Women’s Striped V-neck Casual Top with cost as follows:

Product cost = $4.92

Shipping cost = $9.08 

Applying a fixed price = $30

The product listing price becomes = ($4.92 + $9.08) + $30 = $44

Manage Dropshipping pricing rules

  1. Go to Pricing rules settings > Set default pricing rule
  2. Save changes

Set pricing for individual product variants

  1. Go to Import list > Variants tab > Change the price of variant using either up or down arrow
  2. Import to store
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