Customize product details in Automizely Dropshipping

Automizely enables you to start a dropshipping business without having to worry about managing an inventory. You can connect customers with products on-demand. Product details that you can edit:

  • Product title 
  • Add products to Shopify collections
  • Description 
  • Variants’ price
  • Product images 

 These details can be easily personalized with a super-flexible editor. 

Edit product details

  1. Import products to your store.  
  2. Go to Import list > Edit product title and add products to Shopify collections under the product tab. 
  3. Go to Description tab > Add or remove details. 
  4. Go to Variants tab > Select variants to the product. Pricing is applied automatically according to the rules specified by you, however, you can adjust pricing on this page.
  5. Go to the Images tab > Select images to display on the product details page. 
  6. Click on “Import to store”.
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