Create a coupon campaign

Once you are connected to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store, you can add a coupon campaign in Automizely. Automizely Conversions allows you to:

  • Specify the time duration for which a coupon is valid
  • Set a minimum order amount to activate the code
  • Choose product collection(s) to which discounts apply

List of merge tags for coupon campaigns

Merge tag 



Shows the discount value (e.g. 10%, $5).  


Displays the validity of a coupon code.  

Generating coupon codes

There are 2 ways to get a coupon code for a campaign

  1. You can enter a code prefix (e.g. new) and Automizely will add random letters and/or numbers at the end of the prefix to create an 8 character long coupon code.  A prefix can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. 
  2. If you don’t specify a prefix, a  random 8 character long code consisting of letters and/or numbers will be created.

Create your first coupon campaign

  1. Go to Conversions Coupons > Create a coupon


  2. Enter a title for the campaign. For now, you can only select the “Unique coupon” type


  3. Configure discount rules


  4. Select coupon active period during which the coupon holds valid (Optional) > Save changes


You can similarly add multiple coupon campaigns.

Edit a campaign

  1. Go to Conversions Coupons > Select the required campaign to edit settings


  2. Make the required changes > Save changes

Please note: The coupon type can't be changed once you have saved the coupon campaign.

Apply coupon code to popup campaigns

  1. Go to Popups > Edit settings to add a coupon code


  2. Select Coupon campaign under the Popup settings tab > Select a coupon from one of the active campaigns


  3. Publish changes

Send coupon code via emails

You can add the discount code created through coupon campaigns to newsletters, abandoned cart, and order follow-up emails. For welcome emails, you can create a standard coupon code in Shopify (shown in the next section).

  1. Go to Emails > Select the type of email to add a coupon code > Edit settings


  2. Go to the Content tab > Add a new block > Coupons


  3. Select Coupon block 


  4. Select an active coupon campaign


    Note: The coupon code displayed here is just a sample and not the actual coupon code.
  5. Save changes

Create a standard coupon code

  1. Go to Shopify > Discounts > Create discount code


  2. Enter discount details and save changes


Apply a standard coupon to popups 

  1. Go to Popups > Popup settings > Enter the discount code created in Shopify as shown below


  2. Save changes

Apply a standard coupon to welcome emails

This coupon code can be added to welcome emails, abandoned cart, order follow-up emails, and newsletters.

  1. Go to Welcome emails > Edit settings for the email template with coupon code


  2. Go to Content tab > Select “Image with text” block


  3. Enter the discount code created in Shopify as shown below


  4. Save changes

You can similarly add the standard coupon code to newsletters, abandoned cart, and order follow-up emails. 


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