Add an announcement bar

Highlight new deals and discounts with Automizely’s attractive announcement bar to engage shoppers. An alert bar at the top not only grabs the attention of shoppers but is the most compelling way to boost sales. 

With Automizely...

  • Customize the sticky bar according to your store’s design and style
  • Display multiple offers and discounts
  • Add action buttons
  • Easy to enable, no coding is required
  • It is absolutely free!

🔗 Connect a Shopify store

  1. Add Automizely App > Install app > Upload your brand logo

🔗 Add announcement bar

  1. Select Standard bar > Customize text 
  2. Make bar text clickable, enter landing page URL > Add action button (both these steps are optional)
  3. Repeat the above steps to Show more announcements (up to 3 can be displayed)
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