Introduction to Automizely Mobile app

Conversions mobile app acts as a great marketing tool to build customer loyalty and boost sales. With a mobile app for your Shopify store,

📌 Boost brand recognition by building followers

📌 Engage shoppers with instant updates and notifications

📌 Deliver personalized content based on individual preferences

📌 Shoppers can access the store anytime and from anywhere

Key aspects 

🔧 Reduce development time

With just one click, generate a mobile app for your store using Conversions. Share the download link/QR code with shoppers and you are good to go.

💲 Absolutely free!

Deliver a seamless online purchase experience to shoppers with a mobile app. 

Attractive user interface

The UI is simple yet engaging. It boosts customer retention by reducing the response time and displaying search results quickly.

🔧 Easily customizable 

You can customize settings to display product categories and exclusive collections on the homepage. 

📱 Greater reach

It is available for both Android and iOS.

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