Create personalized newsletters with Conversions

Conversions Newsletter is a powerful email marketing tool. It effectively assists in building loyalty and awareness about the business.

Why send the Conversions newsletter?

📌 Enhance credibility- Personalized content helps shoppers connect with the brand

📌 Boost sales- Promote sales offers and deals

📌 Generate traffic- Encourage shoppers to visit your online store and avail special offers

📌 Update shoppers- Inform customers about new products and initiatives 

With Conversions, the newsletter can be easily customized depending upon the design and style of your online store. You can also highlight up to three products in the newsletter.

🔗 Customize newsletter settings

  1. Select the newsletter to customize or create a new one 
  2. Enter the campaign name and subject > Customize design and theme under the Styles tab 
  3. Save changes

Design the newsletter

   Customize Image and text

  1. Go to Image with text under the Content tab
  2. Remove the current image and add a new image 
  3. Customize header and button text > Save changes

    Edit header 

  1. Go to the Header section under the Content tab
  2. Remove the current image and add your store logo > Add destination URL > Save changes

    Display products in the newsletter

  1. Go to Product list block under the Content tab
  2. Select image style > Choose product content to be displayed in the newsletter
  3. Decide the number of products to be displayed in the newsletter
  4. Customize newsletter text > Save changes

     Edit footer 

  1. Go to the Footer section under the Content tab > Customize description
  2. Save changes

     Add a new block

  1. Go to the Add block section under the Content tab > Add section
  2. Save changes

If you wish to remove a block, select the delete icon.

📤 Send the Newsletter

  1. Edit newsletter settings > Send the newsletter to subscribers
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