Introduction to multi-organization features

Automizely supports the creation and management of multiple organizations with a single account. Some of the key benefits are:

📌 Streamline operations across multiple organizations

📌 Improved data management and security 

📌 Collaboration with members across different organizations

📌 Seamless management of multiple organizations

Key aspects

✔ Independent implementation

Each organization works separately and has its own Products, Connections, and Billing settings. For each product in an organization, an active subscription is required.

🔗 Connect multiple stores

You can connect one organization with multiple stores. Automizely apps, however, can be installed in the same organization. 

👥 Role-based access

Grant role-based access to users. Two roles have been defined, Member and Billing Manager. They can access product data. Only the owner can access the profile page.

🔧 Third-party login

As of now, this feature is supported only for Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace.

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