Send welcome emails to subscribers

A “thank you for subscribing” email is a powerful marketing tool that sets the tone for future communications and determines the loyalty of your customers. It is sent once a visitor subscribes to popups enabled on your store for future updates and notifications. 

 🔗 Connect your Shopify store to Conversions 

  1. Add Automizely App > Install the app
  2. Enable popups

🔧 Customize email content

  1. Go to the emails page > Edit > Add Subject
  2. Go to Header > Add logo > Enter destination URL
  3. Remove current image and then upload a new image > Add destination URL
  4. Customize text and description > Add button text and destination URL
  5. Go to Footer > Add text > Save > Enable 

🔧 Customize the email’s style

  1. Go to Styles tab > Customize text and background color > Save > Enable 

Once the feature is enabled, a welcome email will be sent to all the new subscribers. 

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