Introduction to Automizely Conversions

Automizely Conversions assist e-commerce businesses in creating a lively user interface. It enables them to add a blinking feature to the inactive browser tab. This hooks visitors to the site, further driving sales and reducing cart abandonment.

Another feature that Automizely Conversions provide is Popups. This feature helps to set up sales and coupon bars. It informs users about discounts and offers and requests them to subscribe for future updates.

This article will walk you through some of the Conversions’ unique features.

Key features

💻Inactive tabs customization

Conversions inactive tabs feature helps you to create a blinking browser tab with personalized content to grab the attention of customers when they switch tabs. It allows two types of inactive browser tab customization:

  • The default tab is the homepage for a site. Using Conversions, the title of the inactive default tab can be customized by adding emoticons and text. You can also preview the look and feel of the inactive tab. 

  • The Abandoned cart tab comes up when a visitor adds an item to the cart and then leaves the window. Conversions feature can be enabled for the abandoned cart tab and the text can be tailored with emoticons.

👚Sales popups and bars 

Conversions Popups automates the process of collecting email addresses. You can easily customize the popup so that with just a click, visitors can subscribe and avail exciting offers and discounts. This boosts sales by promoting your brand and increasing the subscriber list.

🔧Support for major browsers 

Automizely Conversions is supported by all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and more.

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