Troubleshoot new store/ marketplace connection issues

If you are facing issues connecting a store or marketplace to any of Automizely’s products, please follow the steps below,

1. Check out our help center resources

Automizely Help Center offers detailed and descriptive step-by-step instructional articles for each of our store or marketplace connections on how to connect to our apps along with quick video tutorials for easy integration. Refer to these articles and guides in case you are witnessing trouble connecting your store.

2. Ensure your selling platform is live

To have a successful installation of our apps to your eCommerce platform, make sure it isn’t in the test or maintenance mode that is causing temporary blocking of the third-party connections.

3. Reconfigure the store connection 

Common reasons where,

  • You have recently updated the username and password for your store or marketplace.
  • Automizely’s authentication credentials for your store or marketplace have expired,

You need to reconfigure the store connection with the updated credentials to connect the selling platform with the Automizely apps.

To reconfigure simply follow the steps you took when you first connected the app to the store. All the integration articles for all stores and marketplaces you can find at Automizely Help Center.

4. Contact the Automizely support team 

If the above-mentioned steps don't resolve the store/ marketplace connection issues, feel free to get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to review the error and find a solution for you at the earliest.

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